A Few Comments on the 60th Reunion

It’s nice to see all of the bright and shinning faces of those that were able to attend the Plainview High School Class of 53 60th Reunion.  I looked real close, used the control plus trick, changed the contrast and other computer tricks but I still couldn’t detect all of the aching backs, replaced knees, hearing aids and other items that tell how many systems are still working.  My memory is not so bad but it’s all that extra stuff that I have to remember  when I leave the house that causes me a problem.  Anyway, it is really good to see so many classmates.

For those that could attend and for those such as myself that could not attend it is interesting to reflect on the changes in our world since we started to school.  There was WWII, the atom bomb, advancement in flight, Korean war, the semiconductor, the race to the moon, the Vietnam war and many other events that shaped our lives.  (Can you imagine having to study history these days…ugh…what a struggle.)  When we were growing up a “desert storm” was a west Texas wind storm; not a “Gulf War”.  There are things that have changed for the good.  “Communications” is one of the outstanding items that has changed.  When I started to school my grandad had a crank phone (I think his ring was two longs, two shorts and a long).  We evolved through rotary phones, amateur radio (CW, AM, SSB, FM and etc.) and then came computers and the internet (World Wide Web).  The other day I talked from Dallas to Colorado Springs to my brother and could both see him and hear him as we talked.  (Simple application called “facetime”) Amazing!  We can’t get around much anymore but we can certainly communicate.  (Time to have a cup of smooth medium-bodied gourmet coffee made from my K-cup coffee maker.  Be right back.)

Some things have remained the same.  For instance some people say that they “never” forget a face.  Well, I’m sorry to say that I “always” forget a face.  As IJ and Carolyn can attest to, I always need help.  I found that it is really not a good idea to call IJ Patsy, Patsy Carolyn and Carolyn IJ.  I just don’t understand why they get so upset.  Newspapers must employ special people to do this “right to left and top to bottom stuff”.  I believe that this
type of person will certainly go to heaven because anyone with that much patients can’t be all bad.  One thing that hasn’t changed is “me” when I look in the mirror…well I might have gained a couple of hundred pounds, have a fatter face…and a “few” other things…but with my eyesight who notices the little things.

That’s all for the moment.  Think I’ll go watch a “Netflix” movie.


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