2010 All School Reunion (July 30-August 1)

2010 All School Reunion Photographs



(Text by I. J. West)

Friday Night-Early Bird Party

Approximately 700 ex-students attended.  Lots of hugs and kisses took place.

Saturday-Brunch at the Home of Norman Huggins

Mar-Jo & Norman Huggins and Carolyn Huggins (Hollis) hosted brunch for the classes of 1953, 1954 and 1957.  More hugs and Kisses.  (See Photos)

Saturday-Lunch at the West Texas Wood Grill Steak House

The Class of “54” invited the Class of “53” to join them for lunch on Saturday, July 31, at the West Texas Wood Grill Steak House.  Program included a review of articles published in the Plainview High Student Newspaper during the year of 1953-54.  (See photos)

Saturday at 3:00 pm-Tea at the home of I.J. West

The Class of 1953 was invited to Tea at the home of I.J. Shrum (West).  Scrapbooks, old annuls, tall tales and hugs and kisses were exchanged.  Class picture was taken.  Fun and fellowship lasted the afternoon until dinner time.  (See photos)

Saturday Evening-Plainview Country Club

Buffet was served.  Dancing until 9:00 pm.

Sunday August 1, 8:00 am-Memorial Breakfast at the Plainview Country Club

Emcee Rev. Jim Ritter, class of 1962, gave the welcome and memorial message.  Shayla Whelon, class of 1990 gave a musical selection.  Benediction was given by Jim Rives, class of 1960.  Door prizes were given and goodbyes until next time were expressed.  (See photos)

(Note:  Names and titles to be added to photographs on future edit.)

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2 Responses to 2010 All School Reunion (July 30-August 1)

  1. Wayne says:

    I’m making a little headway with the names under the pictures. At least I have the headings under the pictures. btw if you see name spelling errors you can let me know in a comment. Even though I had lots of help on the names my fingers don’t always know what my eyes are seeing.

  2. Carl Bonds says:

    Wayne: When I was a freshman, Willard Adams was All-State first baritone and the next year you took over. Then I was first for two years, but my senior year it was apparent to me that Elroy Neie was much better than I. Good old Chief, not wanting to have the senior band president lose face, solved the problem by having a first chair treble clef(me) and a first chair bass clef(Elroy)!

    Send me an update on where you are and what you’ve been doing all these years. Obviously, it is some type of high-tech or computer profession.

    I live in Richardson, Texas.