List of those attending-Letter from Dixie to John


Please ask anyone you send this list to look it over, and if there is
someone they would particularly like to see, to feel free to call them and
give them a nudge. People still have until March 20 to get those room
rates. I don’t think I told you, but the city and the school district have
planned to have a big “Johnny Manziel Day” celebration that same weekend.
That may bring some extra people to the city while we are here.

The current list is as follows:

Bill and Jean Ann Bristol
Iva Jean West
John and Pat Marse
Richard and Sharon Morgan
Bob and Ann Castleberry
Jim and Donna Atkins
Reita Martin Brown
Carolyn Waller Dixon
Clyde and Betty Jo Herring
Steve and Ann Keller
Dale and Pat Mc Murray
Donnell and Grant Teaff
Larry and Louann Temple
Patsy Harris Middleton
Carolyn Huggins Hollis
Jerry and Sue Bratcher
Emma Lou Howard Hyatt and her daughter, Kim Hight
Joe and Wanda Leach
Dixie Williams

Beth Dobson now lives in Houston and Carolyn is trying to talk her into
riding up with her. Beth doesn’t like to drive in the Houston traffic
anymore. Maybe some of us should give Beth a call and encourage her. I
have not yet called Rebecca Swanner Noel, who now lives here in Kerrville,
but she has not responded to our letters either. I will call her next week.

Thanks for all your help.


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