Ann Collins Garland Denton Christmas letter

Greetings classmates –

You may remember Ann Collins from Plainview.  She graduated in 1952, I think.  She lived on Raleigh and 11th street as I remember.  I am forwarding her Christmas letter.

Merry Christmas to all


 Once again I find myself returning to the computer to send  holiday greetings. My handwriting is so bad I hate to subject anyone to having to read it. Things are going well for me. I have been relatively healthy, and although I continue to miss GW 24/7, I have made friends here, I am still driving, I see Jim and his family often and Sandy comes 3 or 4 times a year for a long weekend. I feel blessed.
Sandy’s Denton Wayne will graduate HS this spring and right now he intends to attend Western State in Gunnison.  Her daughter, Erin should graduate from college and plans to marry in Sept. of next year. David just had surgery on his knee and is doing fine- already up and ate “em.
Jim is still working too hard. The boys, 8 & 10, both play Little League football and basketball, and still think playing with neighborhood kids the most fun. Will be with these guys for Christmas. Steph I love like a daughter and she always is ready and willing to help me when I  need it.
I have lost some dear friends this year, so I am hoping this finds each of you happy and healthy.  Keep in touch- I need to hear from you when  you can!  
My love to everyone Ann 
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John Marse creates Class DVD

Once again John has shown his ability to bring the Class of 1953 closer together.  He created and distributed a DVD Class of 1953 presentation that is nostalgic and enjoyable.  Along with the excellent slide show he backs it up with “our” music.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy your copy of the presentation I suggest that you do so as soon as possible.

I and the class of 1953 thank you, John, for your outstanding presentation.


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A Few Comments on the 60th Reunion

It’s nice to see all of the bright and shinning faces of those that were able to attend the Plainview High School Class of 53 60th Reunion.  I looked real close, used the control plus trick, changed the contrast and other computer tricks but I still couldn’t detect all of the aching backs, replaced knees, hearing aids and other items that tell how many systems are still working.  My memory is not so bad but it’s all that extra stuff that I have to remember  when I leave the house that causes me a problem.  Anyway, it is really good to see so many classmates.

For those that could attend and for those such as myself that could not attend it is interesting to reflect on the changes in our world since we started to school.  There was WWII, the atom bomb, advancement in flight, Korean war, the semiconductor, the race to the moon, the Vietnam war and many other events that shaped our lives.  (Can you imagine having to study history these days…ugh…what a struggle.)  When we were growing up a “desert storm” was a west Texas wind storm; not a “Gulf War”.  There are things that have changed for the good.  “Communications” is one of the outstanding items that has changed.  When I started to school my grandad had a crank phone (I think his ring was two longs, two shorts and a long).  We evolved through rotary phones, amateur radio (CW, AM, SSB, FM and etc.) and then came computers and the internet (World Wide Web).  The other day I talked from Dallas to Colorado Springs to my brother and could both see him and hear him as we talked.  (Simple application called “facetime”) Amazing!  We can’t get around much anymore but we can certainly communicate.  (Time to have a cup of smooth medium-bodied gourmet coffee made from my K-cup coffee maker.  Be right back.)

Some things have remained the same.  For instance some people say that they “never” forget a face.  Well, I’m sorry to say that I “always” forget a face.  As IJ and Carolyn can attest to, I always need help.  I found that it is really not a good idea to call IJ Patsy, Patsy Carolyn and Carolyn IJ.  I just don’t understand why they get so upset.  Newspapers must employ special people to do this “right to left and top to bottom stuff”.  I believe that this
type of person will certainly go to heaven because anyone with that much patients can’t be all bad.  One thing that hasn’t changed is “me” when I look in the mirror…well I might have gained a couple of hundred pounds, have a fatter face…and a “few” other things…but with my eyesight who notices the little things.

That’s all for the moment.  Think I’ll go watch a “Netflix” movie.


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Bad news

From: I J WEST

I just received a call from Jimmy Atkins telling me that Jerry Hurlbert HAD PASSED AWAY THIS MORNING, APRIL 29. 2013.

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The Plainview High School Class of 1953 held its 60th anniversary reunion April 19-21 in Kerrville. Attending were Donell Phillips Teaff (seated left), Waco; Yolanda Ellis Job, Plainview; Betty Joe Bumpus Herring, Tulsa, Okla.; Beth Dobson Jameson, Houston; Reita Martin Brown, Lubbock; Emma Lou Howard Hight, Lago Vista; Dixie McWilliams Williams, Kerrville; Carolyn Huggins Hollis, Houston; Iva Jean Shrum West, Plainview; Shirley Rackley Hay, San Antonio; Patsy Harris Middleton, Austin; John Marse, Plainview; Jim Atkins, Dallas; Larry Temple, Austin; Clyde Lee Herring, Tulsa, Okla.; Bob Castleberry, Plainview; Dale McMurry, Midland; Bill Bristol, Colorado Springs; Steve Keller, Dallas; Rex Redies, Plainview; Joe Leach, Plainview; Richard Morgan, Plainview; Jerry Bratcher, Kerrville; and Rebekah Swanner Noel (not shown), San Antonio. The YO Ranch Hotel at Kerrville served as headquarters for the reunion, with Dixie Williams and Jerry and Sue Bratcher being recognized for their planning and work on putting together the gathering. Clyde Herring presented each class member with a 2013 golden $1 presidential coin to commemorate the occasion. The group’s next scheduled gathering is at the 2015 all-school reunion in Plainview.

Text from

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List of those attending-Letter from Dixie to John


Please ask anyone you send this list to look it over, and if there is
someone they would particularly like to see, to feel free to call them and
give them a nudge. People still have until March 20 to get those room
rates. I don’t think I told you, but the city and the school district have
planned to have a big “Johnny Manziel Day” celebration that same weekend.
That may bring some extra people to the city while we are here.

The current list is as follows:

Bill and Jean Ann Bristol
Iva Jean West
John and Pat Marse
Richard and Sharon Morgan
Bob and Ann Castleberry
Jim and Donna Atkins
Reita Martin Brown
Carolyn Waller Dixon
Clyde and Betty Jo Herring
Steve and Ann Keller
Dale and Pat Mc Murray
Donnell and Grant Teaff
Larry and Louann Temple
Patsy Harris Middleton
Carolyn Huggins Hollis
Jerry and Sue Bratcher
Emma Lou Howard Hyatt and her daughter, Kim Hight
Joe and Wanda Leach
Dixie Williams

Beth Dobson now lives in Houston and Carolyn is trying to talk her into
riding up with her. Beth doesn’t like to drive in the Houston traffic
anymore. Maybe some of us should give Beth a call and encourage her. I
have not yet called Rebecca Swanner Noel, who now lives here in Kerrville,
but she has not responded to our letters either. I will call her next week.

Thanks for all your help.


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FEES-Letter From Dixie to John


We will collect the fees at the first night’s reception. I will have a
table set up for that purpose. Wish us some rain to help with a good
wildflower season. Right now it looks as if we may have an early spring.
Some trees are already leafing out in Kerrville.

I have added Emma Lou Howard Hyatt and her daughter to our list since I sent
you a copy of those attending. Carolyn told me earlier that Haskell Wall
had asked if there was anyone in the Dallas area that would like to share a
ride and a room, but we have not heard any more from him.

Looking forward to April,


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Reunion Information From Dixie

For those of you who have never been to Kerrville before, this is a small town and you won’t have any trouble finding places here. Most of you will exit Interstate 10 onto Highway 16 (Exit 508). The Y O is just a few blocks south on your left.

Our schedule for the weekend will be:

Friday, April 19

6:30 p.m. Our opening reception will be at GATHER, 625 Water Street in downtown Kerrville (use the parking building across the street – it is free – and walk over). We have asked the caterer for heavy hors d’oeuvres, so you won’t need to eat before you come. You will be asked to pay $50.00 per person and that will cover the cost of the room and the caterer on Friday and the meal on Saturday night. If you can only be here one night, it will be $25 per person.

Saturday, April 20

Breakfast at the hotel then gather afterward in the Guadalupe Room for more visiting.

12:30p:m. – We have reservations for lunch at the PEACH TREE in Fredericksburg (just 23 miles north of Kerrville). The cost of this meal is your responsibility. After lunch we have scheduled free time to give you an opportunity to see this charming little town. Get off the main street and drive theirhistoric district to see the old Sunday Houses. East of Fredericksburg, on Highway 290, is the Wild seed Farm that is a fun place to visit. The hills all around Fredericksburg and Kerrville are home to numerous wineries and you might want to stop and visit some of them. Also, you fellas may enjoy the National Museum of the Pacific War. The Wall Street Journal says “A museum of this quality – and importance- needs to be seen … ” April 20 is one of the days they do a living history re-enactment. You could easily see the 3:30 presentation (it takes one hour and fifteen minutes). You will need tickets ahead of time, so if you are interested, go to their web site ( and read about it. You can buy tickets on line. Parking is always troublesome on weekends in Fredericksburg, so give your self plenty of time.

For ladies who like to shop, there is ample opportunity around the downtown area. If you come a day early, or stay a day late, I can give you a list of our favorite restaurants. For the chocolate lovers among you (as is my sister, Sue) there is a shop named CHOCOLAT at 251 West Main Street and it willnot disappoint.

If you have been to Fredericksburg multiple times and choose to go back to the hotel for a nap, let me suggest a pretty drive afterward. The River Road (Highway 39) out to Ingram and Hunt winds along the Guadalupe River lined with tall cypresses and affords a shady change of pace. You can turn off at Hunt and drive out past Camp Waldemar as far as MO Ranch, or you can stay on 39 through Hunt and drive along the river past Camp Heart of the Hills and Camp Mystic as far as the River Inn. Every time I take these drives I feel as if I have been set down in the middle of a Nancy Drew book. Many of these cabins and homes were built in the ’20’s and ’30’s and the dormitories at Waldemar and Heart Of
the Hills reflect that era.

If you want to try this drive on Sunday, Hunt is only 12 miles from Kerrville and it is a pretty drive you people from the plains would appreciate. It is just another of the many faces of Texas.

6:30 p.m. We have dinner reservations for 30 at the RIVERS EDGE, a Tuscan Grill serving northern Italian food. The cost of this meal is covered in your registration fee. The restaurant sits on the banks of the Guadalupe River here in Kerrville at 1011 Guadalupe Street.

Sunday April 21 Breakfast at the hotel and we will say goodbye until the reunion in Plainview in 2015.

If I can answer any questions you may have before you come, you have my email address. To be honest I am getting excited about seeing everyone and hope a few more may decide to join us.

See you in Kerrville in April,


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September 4, 2012

Dear PHS Class of ’53,

Can you remember what happened on September 16, 1952, November 11, 1952, or April 16, 1953?  Most of you probably can’t, so let me jog your memory. On September 16 we received our senior rings, November 11 was the Coronation of Donell Phillips as our School Queen, and on April 16 we received our graduation announcements. Can you believe all of these happened almost 60 years ago?

A 60th anniversary celebration for the Class of ’53 is being planned for the Kerrville and Fredericksburg area by Dixie McWilliams Williams.


April 19 – 21, 2013
Weather should still be cool and “The Hill Country” covered with flowers.


Y.O. Ranch Hotel                                     830-257-4440
2033 Sidney Baker                                  FAX 830-896-8189
Kerrville, TX 78028                                TOLL FREE: 1-877-967-3767


$89.00 for single, double, triple, or quad (This rate includes up to 2 coupons per night for
a full American breakfast.) Ask for the Plainview Class of ’53 rate. Code for making reservations online will be: PHSR0413. NOTE: This rate is good 3 days before and 3 days after.


Reservation request must be made on or before March 20, 2013. After that date, reservations will be accepted on a rate and space available basis. Check in time is 4:00 P.M. and check-out is noon.


Should you need to cancel a reservation, it must be received at least 3 days/72 hours prior to the scheduled arrival date and a cancellation number must be obtained to receive a refund.


Buckhorn Lake Resort                                          830-895-0007
2885 Goat Creek Road                                         TOLL FREE: 800-568-6458
Kerrville, TX 78028-9410                          


The Guadalupe Room at the Y.O. has been reserved for: 4/19/13 from 3:00 PM -12 AM
4/20/13 from 7:00 AM – 12 AM 4/21/13 from 7:00 AM – 12:00 PM

An exciting day in Fredericksburg is planned for Saturday. Other plans will be finalized when Dixie has an idea about how many classmates will attend. Please let her know when you know you will attend.

Her address is: Dixie McWilliams Williams       *for contact information send email to:

Please check with other classmates you keep in touch with to make sure they received a letter and/or email about the Class of ’53 60th Anniversary Reunion. I hope to see many of you in Kerrville.

Carolyn Huggins Hollis                                         *for contact information send email to:

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The cold weather brought on misfortune.  The fire sprinkler system ruptured and caused significant damage to the contents of the PHS band hall.  This is the second time that the band hall has received flood damage due to frozen fire system pipes.  The first time occurred in 2001.  For a complete article on the subject you can read the article in the Plainview Herald.

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